Meet Our Team

Our team members make sure every detail of your trip is tailored to your personal needs and wants. We advise you on every aspect of your experience including, but not limited to, your travel investment protection, special celebrations, private plane side escorts, luggage services, and endless possibilities.

Please let us know who you would like to work with to plan your next adventure.

My prior career as a CPA and CFO gave me a strong business background; my love for travel and desire to provide great guest experiences are the foundation of TBH Travel.

I use my expertise, research, and contacts to create personalized travel for my guests. I am proud of TBH Travel and the amazing professional advisors that make up our team.

Stacey BaroneI founded Travel by Stacey, LLC in 2012, as an independent affiliate of TBH Travel. With every trip planned, I stay true to my mission of helping clients “Travel Intelligently” and creating lifetime memories through highly personalized travel experiences.

In addition to understanding today’s world of luxury travel, the skills that were important in my prior career as a lawyer – attention to detail, research skills, and client advocacy – are equally valuable to my current clients. I am focused on creating strong, successful relationships with both clients and travel professionals throughout the world. Whether you are a new or seasoned traveler, this focus helps turn your travel dreams into reality.

A graduate of Cornell University (Go Big Red!) and an avid photographer, I travel often for both business and pleasure, obtaining valuable first-hand knowledge which I utilize to customize my clients own memorable travel experiences.

Since I was a child, travel has been my greatest passion. From hiking the Grand Canyon to exploring the crowded streets of New York City, experiencing new places invigorates me.

Have you ever visited somewhere that left such an impression on you that it truly inspired you? For me, it was the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I had never been somewhere so beautiful and so bursting with color and culture. After leaving Italy, my appetite for travel grew stronger, and I knew I needed to turn my passion into a career.

I enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level, learning their unique preferences, and crafting tailored vacations. Combining their requests with some of my own ideas and travel knowledge is how I curate trips that are both rich in experiences and memorable.

Myra Collins - Luxury Travel AdvisorI have been in the travel business since 1989. As a travel advisor affiliated with TBH Travel and through our affiliation with Virtuoso,

I am able to work closely with travel partners around the globe. This gives my clients personalized experiences while they are traveling. My personal favorite trip was to Bora Bora.

I look forward to sharing my experience and creating new and exciting itineraries for my clients.

Larissa Converti – Luxury Travel Advisor

I grew up in a multicultural home with parents who instilled a love of travel and culture from an early age. I speak Korean, Italian, Spanish, and English, and believe in harmonizing authentic immersions with curated, luxury experiences.

Most of my travels have centered around Europe, Asia, and Latin America. I am excited to build unique and transformative travel journeys for others.

Kimberly Connaghan – Luxury Travel Advisor

After spending 25+ years at National Geographic working in the global travel industry and over 10 years as Publisher of National Geographic Traveler magazine, my professional career provided an ideal foundation of understanding the business of travel, media partnerships, and the importance of relationships and connections.

My passion for travel extends well beyond my professional career. Travel has been part of my DNA and inspiration since a young age. From immersive family trips to adventure excursions, culinary delights, wellness experiences, cruising to arts and cultural pursuits, my personal travel has been extensive both in scope, destinations and premium experiences.

Travel is a gift and should be given as travel experiences provide life-long memories. Between working with my clients and my experience teaching at the College of Charleston in the school of Hospitality & Tourism, I am able to share my knowledge and expertise.

Jeannine Finkelstein – Luxury Travel Advisor

After years of leisurely planning travel for friends & family, I am pursuing my passion as a travel advisor.

Having an MBA in childhood education, my meticulous attention to detail, organizational skills, and strong desire to research and learn, set the foundation for creating exceptional experiences.

I’ve always loved exploring new destinations, which has given me extensive knowledge of luxury accommodations and allowed me to create unforgettable memories for myself, my family and friends. Now I look forward to spreading that service to my clients, one trip at a time!

Karen Laffey – Luxury Travel Advisor

My journey in the travel industry started as a personal pursuit, creating extraordinary adventures for friends and family. As my friends started recommending me to their friends, my reputation as the go to travel advisor naturally bloomed into a business.

I recognize the uniqueness of every traveler, investing time to understand their preferences, interests, and aspirations. My commitment to delivering the highest level of service sets me apart, ensuring each journey is a collection of cherished memories.

My approach combines hard work and thorough research, whether you seek an exotic getaway, a cultural exploration, or a relaxing retreat, my genuine enthusiasm for discovering new destinations and providing you with a trip of a lifetime is always paramount to me.

Hannah Fitzgerald - Luxury Travel AdvisorBorn and raised in Louisiana, I have always been fascinated by different cultures. Fortunately, I have had many opportunities to travel and learn about the various cultures all over the world.

My travel experiences are what inspired me to become an advisor.

I love planning amazing trips so that my clients can experience their own great adventures!

Holly Macke – Luxury Travel Advisor

Holly’s passions are travel and horses. As an avid polo player, she enjoys visiting Argentina every November to play and watch the Palermo Open. She has visited over 40 countries and ridden a horse on every continent except Antarctica, bringing a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to the luxury travel advisory industry. After 20 years of serving clients in consulting, Holly traded in her corporate career for a role that brings joy to herself and others: curating bespoke travel experiences.

What sets Holly apart in the travel advisory world is her diligent attention to detail and her dedication to partnering with clients to become a trusted advisor. Her extensive travel experience allows her to offer insights and recommendations that are truly invaluable. With her passion for travel, she enjoys crafting seamless and unforgettable journeys for her clients. She places great importance on understanding each client’s unique interests to develop personalized, bespoke itineraries while providing white glove service.

Leveraging her expertise as a travel advisor, Holly introduces clients to unique experiences and hidden gems they might not have discovered on their own. Whether you’re dreaming of a luxury escape or an exhilarating equestrian journey, Holly Macke is here to make those dreams a reality

Jenny Parrish – Luxury Travel Advisor

I live in North Carolina with my 2 sons and husband. I grew up in a family that was incredibly passionate about travel.

If a love for traveling is in our DNA, my grandfather was born with it and passed it along to me. From a young age, I grew up wanting to explore and experience different lands and cultures. I aspire to pass this along to my children and have a goal of taking them to all 7 continents.

My most memorable travels to date have been an African Safari in Kenya & Tanzania, an expedition cruise through the Galapagos Islands, and touring the Tuscany region of Italy. This love for travel is what pushed me to join a team and learn as much as I can about the industry. Planning your next adventure or bucket list destination for you and your family is my forte.

Julie Raines - Luxury Travel AdvisorI began my professional travel career in 1997. Prior to that, I found myself arranging travel for family and friends on a regular basis.

I enjoy helping clients to realize their dream vacations. Being a member of Virtuoso gives me the resources to enhance travel to all destinations.

Jenn Ronning – Luxury Travel Advisor

I am passionate about travel and take great pride in providing extraordinary customer service. I love the outdoors so several of my personal favorite trips include skiing the slopes of Steam Boat Springs Colorado, exploring the rugged rainforest and beautiful coastline of Costa Rica, and snorkeling the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. As a bit of a foodie, I love to explore new cultures through their cuisine.

I am excited to help craft and personalize your next adventure with you.

Denise Shani – Luxury Travel Advisor

My love for traveling began when I studied abroad in London while in college. Since then I have become an avid traveler and have traveled to over 55 countries within five of the seven continents. I love continuously learning and experiencing new things, which helps me grow as a person. I love sharing my passion for traveling with my husband and two children. Some of my most amazing experiences include going on an African safari in Tanzania, snorkeling in the Maldives, learning about and riding an elephant in Chiang Mai and seeing Machu Picchu for the first time. After leaving a successful career in finance to raise my children I decided a natural career change for me would be to share my passion for travel with others and help them experience all that the world has to offer. I offer full service travel advisory which takes the stress out of travel so you can just enjoy the experience!


Melanie Thomas - Luxury Travel AdvisorMy travel career began in 1993. I have found that the best part of being a travel advisor is to work closely with my clients to make their travel dreams come true.

My favorite trip to plan is a romantic getaway. I believe that choosing the right resort is the key to a successful getaway. My husband and I have traveled extensively and have had the privilege of staying in some of the finest and most unique resorts in the world. Having first hand experience of these exclusive properties makes it possible for me to recommend the perfect resort to match your travel dreams. Whether it is a beach vacation in the Caribbean, Mexico, Bali, or Mauritius, or a boutique property looking out over the hills of Tuscany, I will work to find the perfect resort for you.

The other travel sector I am passionate about is adventure travel. Nothing can top the thrill of bicycling in New Zealand or the life altering experience of seeing the big five on an African safari. The memories created on an adventure vacation will stay with you for the rest of your life.

I believe that our lives are enriched and broadened by traveling the world. Contact me and together we will work to create a dream and life enhancing adventure for you.

With nearly 20 years in the travel business,  Amy has always loved helping people create incredible destination experiences. As a native New Yorker, Amy’s passion for travel was inspired by some incredible, childhood vacations with her family. Following university, Amy joined Swissair, supporting the airline’s global reservations.

Some time later, in 1996, Amy and her husband moved to sunny Florida where she focused on raising her two, young sons.  After perfecting carpool pickups, and school schedules, this tennis and shopping enthusiast decided to jump back into the travel arena.

Since 2006, Amy has been helping individuals and families create unforgettable, hassle-free vacations all over the globe.  With particular expertise in luxury cruises and active travel, Amy prides herself on being the travel consultant everyone wishes they knew about.

Giulia Zagarella – Luxury Travel Advisor

Giulia grew up in the Dominican Republic. She moved to the United States to earn her degrees in business administration and marketing and then a master’s degree in digital marketing and E- commerce. Her 10 years of experience as a compliance analyst at American Express, a client service associate at Morgan Stanley, and as a private banking administrator at Banco Sabadell Miami; gave her a broad scope of the business world and high-level exposure to luxury travel.

Last year she moved to Madrid after deciding that she wanted to live and work in Spain to expand her travel experience. She is an avid traveler and seasoned adventurer with a passion for exploring the world’s hidden gems and immersing herself in different cultures.

Giulia would love to plan your next adventure focusing on the little details to make your vacation an unforgettable memory. She possesses the expertise to craft unforgettable travel experiences tailored to each client’s desires. Join her on a journey of discovery and let her expertise guide you to your next unforgettable destination.